Armed Guards:

We provide trained armed security guards and guards of ex service men to the satisfaction of clients. The guards are linked with control headquarters established In major cities. The guards are trained and briefed for specific security duties as deployed at the sites for protection and safety purpose.

Unarmed Guards:

Unarmed guards are provided to the clients who does not require the weapons but still the premises need to be watched for loss or damage by intruders.

Mobile Petrol:

At places where static guarding services are not sufficient or the area to be watched is over stretched then mobile petrol guards are preferred. The Guards use vehicle, motor bikes or bicycle to cover the area with lesser no of guards.

Foot Petrol:

At times the site/property is placed in such a manner that a foot petrol needs to be deployed to watch the exposed corners of the property internally or externally.

Shadow Man:

A person not in uniform (suitably armed) for surveillance and intelligence cover of VIPs. Shadow man is instructed to follow the client or remain in close contact which is not known to others. Shadow person is on the site before or on arrival of a high profile client to provide intelligence cover and act in emergency.

Daily Basis Guards:

We provide armed or unarmed security guards on daily basis for a specific duty or social gatherings. Such guards are available on a simple phone call from the clients. The guards can watch the houses temporarily or accompany the clients from and to airports.

Special Guards:

Special guards are provided to valuable clients on demand who possess valid driving license, suitably armed and trained for such duties to look after the clients interest and property.

Basic Services

Specialist Services

  • Armed Guard
  • Unarmed Guard
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Foot Patrol
  • Shadow Man
  • Daily Basis Guards
  • Special Guards
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