Banks Interior Security Cabins

  1. Gen; Owning to unemployment and security environment in the country usually robbery occurs in banks when intruder overcomes the security guards who are in open, therefore, we hereby introduce (BISC) Banks Interior Security Cabins.
  2. Structure.
  1. It is made of imported ballistic sheet (Beschussamt Ulm) where it is safe against splinters and small arms. It is occupied by an armed security guard round the clock so that intruder can be challenged and fired upon in case of robbery. It has been tested by ULM and Pakistan Army and found 100% proven. When very recently a Ballistic sheet of 2.25 mm was fired upon with different weapons of different caliber, it has revealed the following characteristics;
  2. (1) At 50 meters, riffle G3 bullet could not pierce (having maximum muzzle velocity).

    (2) At 10 meters, AK 47 (Kalashnikovs) could not penetrate the sheet.

    (3) At 10 meters, 9mm pistol bullet could not even make a dent.

    (4) A specimen BALLISTIC sheet fired upon by above weapons is attached for info.

    (5) The test report of the concerned company is also attached for consideration.

  3. It is fabulous and fancy looking which adds banks interior decoration which can fits in any corner, the size and design choice is left at the discretion of client.
  4. It contains armed guard with Gas mask so that guard is active whenever an incapacitating or suffocating gas is used by intruder/robber.
  5. An alarm system is built in so that guard can activate alarm system in the event of emergency/robbery and in that case both concerned Police and Hewad (Quick Reaction Team) are made alert instantaneously for reaction in minimum time to save the bank and precious lives of the staff.
  6. On activation of Alarm system Hewad, Quick Reaction Team (QRT) trained, armed and suitably placed for the operation would reach the concerned bank within 10-15 minutes for reaction before arrival of the police.



Basic Services

Specialist Services

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  • Unarmed Guard
  • Mobile Patrol
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  • Shadow Man
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